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When you start the application you will be asked to connect to the Azure SQL database.


Once you log-in you will have the choice to manage Login or User.




If you click on the button “Logins”, you will see all the existing Logins of the current Azure SQL server. To delete a login just click on this login and then click the button Drop Login on the bottom right of the screen. You will be asked to confirm your request then the list will be refreshing. .


If you want to add a new login then click on “Create New Login” button on the bottom left of the screen. You will need to specify the login name and password in a popup window.  




Users are attached to a database, so after click on the Users button (from the main windows) you will be asked to select a database. In this case one the DbTest database is available since we can’t use the master database. 


Once the database is selected the entire list of available users will be displayed. To delete one user, select this user then click on the “Drop User” button on the bottom right of the windows. 


To edit the role of a specific user only double-click on this one. To add a new User click on the button “Create User” on the bottom left of the windows. You will then be asked to specify the login and the role(s) you want to be attached to this user. 


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